Hello Launch

Hello world.

We’re excited to be writing this first post, as today, Monday 13th August 2018, marks our official launch date (yay!). It has been a journey already over the last 18 months getting our idea from concept to beta to here. However we are standing on our own two (virtual) feet and ready. As with any new products/ services, please bare with us if we have any glitches along the way, it’s tech and you know how issues can occur.

Is Gentle Reader for you I hear you ask yourself? The reading app that doubles your reading pleasure

We want to challenge/ change the way people READ. We are not interested in spamming you with adverts or unwanted content, for us, reading is your escapism whether during a busy commute or having a coffee in a cafe, we understand the need for absolute clean content to catch up on updates from around the world in the palm of your hand.

“It’s all about getting you connected with the content. Our beauty is hiding all the technical sophistication of Gentle Reader to the point you forget we are even there. We’re driven by Simplicity, it’s inculcate to our DNA.”
– Jeremy, CEO of Gentle Reader

If you would like to get started, we are available on Web, Mac app, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows and even an Amazon Alexa skill. We have an exciting product road map planned with relevant features coming your way, but if you have any ideas/ suggestions, please do send it our way as we are always looking for feedback.

Gentle Reader.