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We are about to release AiME – our Artificial Intelligent Multi-lingual Engine

In Short – allows you to monitor TOPICS &Brands across 104 Languages – simply by entering a TOPIC or Brand name in your native Language.

e.g. Coke Cola or كوكا كولا

Articles/News of relevance will be alerted (regardless of local language) – of course the articles will be translated into English already by the time you see it.

Google ❤️ Gentle Reader

We are honoured and delighted that Google has welcomed Gentle Reader into the Google Cloud Startups Program. A big shout-out of thanks to Louis Fontaine, GCP Territory Manager in Dublin, for his advice and encouragement.

Gentle Reader uses the Google Cloud Translation API to provide instant translation of RSS feeds.

Beginning this week, you can find feeds from Der Spiegel, Le Monde, Le Figaro, El Pais and Gazeta Wyborcza, translated into English on Gentle Reader. We plan to expand the range of publications and to offer a choice of reading languages in the near future.

Gentle Reader is a free reading app for serious readers. Download Gentle Reader for iOS and Mac from Apple App Stores, or find us on the web at gentlereader.com.  Android apps coming soon.